Continuous Security Monitoring and Control for the Google Cloud Platform
CloudQuest Guardian: Designed specifically for Security Personnel

Guardian is designed specifically for InfoSec and SecDevOps teams. It equips them with the ability to quickly assess the current security posture with respect to enterprise policies and act immediately to remediate any potential issues.

Unparalleled Visibility
Actionable, shared security view of all Google Cloud Platform assets across the enterprise » more
Policy Management
Policy Management
Central repository for enterprise policies with traceability of changes to policy rules » more
Role-Based Views
Role-Based Views
Role-based customization for operational, executive and audit functions » more
Actionable Insights & Analytics
Custom dashboards, reports and analytics for key security and compliance stakeholders » more
Audit Traceability
Audit Traceability
Demonstrable view into policy adherence for internal stakeholders and external auditors » more
ITSM Integration
ITSM Integrations
Automated filing of tickets by impact and priority via integration with existing ITSM tools » more
GCP Partner
Need a Turnkey Security Solution for GCP?  Call in the Experts!

As a Google Cloud Platform Technology and Services Partner, CloudQuest can help deploy and operate the Guardian solution running with Forseti in your organization. Security personnel can hit the ground running to monitor all Google Cloud assets, security-related metrics and be notified to take action on any policy violations.

In addition to deployment and operation services, CloudQuest also provides custom services to integrate with existing ITSM systems and workflows and create enterprise best practice policies tailored to the Google Cloud Platform.

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